Should I use watermarks on my photos? – Foap App Download

Yes, if you want to. Many photographers use custom watermarking software.

Do I need to watermark my photos before using them on the web or mobile applications?

Generally, this won’t be necessary.

What should I do, as a photographer, when I use photos that have watermarks on them?

Simply remove the watermark and the photo will be safe to use. However, you should only publish such photos with additional watermarking; do not use them in any other way.

Can I use watermarks on a photoset I never released to the public?

If you have a photo of a wedding or event for which you released it but for which you don’t plan to publish it as an image, it’s perfectly ok to use it to make a poster, logo or any other use you like. Please note, however, that the original work you are using the image or photo of is not allowed.

What happens if I use a photo with a watermark on it, with an image that has been released into the public domain?

Please contact me if you’ve published the photo with a watermark on it for which you don’t intend to take credit. If you haven’t, contact me and I will ask you to remove it. Additionally, use of the photo in any way not already covered in this article is strictly prohibited.

Any additional questions?

If there are any additional questions you have, please feel free to contact me.


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Should I use watermarks on my photos? – Foap App Download
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