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Photo by Meryl Stokes

I like the watermarks that I get, but some of the images were really good on their own. Would they have been so good if they had been a lot larger?

I think so. The difference in image quality of larger (4K) and smaller (1080p) files is really hard to measure. But I guess I wouldn’t use one if I was taking a shot from a camera that didn’t provide good resolution or if it didn’t do well with the resolution of the images inside the camera.

If you have an image that you want to share or use the photo in a commercial, do you use the watermark that you get instead?

I did try several of them, but I can’t say that I’ve found one that would work very well or that was especially good. I don’t think any of them would work very well if I’d wanted to use them professionally.

You’re known for your photography and videos with drones, can you tell us a little about your working process and gear?

I’ve been really obsessed with photography since I was a kid. My dad sent me a camera when I started shooting on my first camera. The best part about shooting with drones is I don’t have to worry about battery or memory. I’ve used two cameras now and they are my favorite so far. They are definitely the most durable cameras that I own, and they are great at what they are designed for: capturing action.

Product — Karla Petrina
I like to learn what cameras I like, but I can’t say that I really work with the same cameras over and over. What matters most to me is to find the right one to help me capture the action I’m really excited about. I still learn a lot from those first ones, and I’m always learning, but I only have limited time to shoot with them.

How would you say your style differs from other drone photography?

I think I’m an action photographer first, and then I’m into shooting landscapes. I’m also interested in making people feel like the world around them is real and to capture the essence of our city — like a city in the sky. I like that part, too. I also like aerial shots of the streets, which is something I don’t get as much when shooting landscapes.

What equipment do you have in your Drone, where you are shooting at night?

For my most recent flights, I have two GoPro Hero

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Should I use watermarks on my photos? – Foap
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