What do you use for digital drawings? – How Do I Make Money On Youtube Videos

I use Adobe Illustrator, which is pretty much the highest professional program for digital design. But the basic rules of Illustrator remain pretty much the same over the years, and you can also use any good drawing program that you like.

Is there a drawing you like or have your own special style of drawing that you enjoy?

If I was asked, I could always give a general list of my favorite drawing programs, but since we have so many great artists and designers we’ve asked them and many answers are so much better than I could ever have ever guessed.

The big ones to mention are Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, both powerful software platforms. For illustration I use Inkscape for the web, which was built to allow free web designs and illustrations (it’s still free for paid users).

I’m a bit of a pain when it comes to working with a computer for the internet – I am constantly in search of new tools, new ways, so I might never get all the new design tools I desire – so the last thing I try is to keep it simple by using software just for drawing and writing, but I am always looking for a new tool and a new look.

What’s the biggest limitation that makes your online drawings and graphic designs a challenge (the last two are a bit of an exception)?

The first is not using too many images. I really like that this site has just one image. You’d expect a whole site to have many illustrations and graphics – but it’s a pretty good illustration: if you’re not aware, this is a website for creating illustrations from photographs, but at the same time, it allows you to work with more complicated and original designs.

The second would be trying to understand, and to understand how people might see these designs when viewing them: I can always see how someone might see something, whether it be someone in a drawing, or a product.

But sometimes I want to work with drawings. I want people to see my work, and not just in their head. I know that’s how many people view things (e.g., an original illustration) but I also know that’s just how many people can view drawings, and I want to work with these.

If you could make designs available online to the general public, wouldn’t you do it? What would you do with it?

Definitely, but I really wouldn’t do it for free. I would want to charge something

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What do you use for digital drawings? – How Do I Make Money On Youtube Videos
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