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If this was only an article about the “S” classification of characters, the first part from left to right would be “S”. The last part would be “A”, which would correspond to the first letter in the surname with the suffixes “-A” and “B”. I can’t take credit for this theory. I had to look it up on Google Earth, which I found very entertaining.

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The only time I see “A” as being the first letter, is when it’s a female, as in Kaji, Yuma, Megumi, Yui, Haruno, and Shizuki. When they’re the only one, it’s just the letter “A” on the first syllable. They’re basically unisex characters.

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There aren’t many artists better suited to be in the spotlight than the late R.E.M., and after their breakup and the formation of the New Kids On The Block, they never fully came back to the top. But the group released its eighth studio album, Everybody, in 1997 and managed to retain much of their mystique in the process. With seven singles, including “The One That Got Away,” a cover of an English folk song called “She Belongs To Me,” and “Hey Hey, Hey Hey,” which spawned the hit single “Wolves,” Everybody proved the group still had something exciting to offer. But even though R.E.M. kept touring and making music, it never quite regained the success and popularity that made them one of America’s most influential rock bands.

It’s now 50 years since the group recorded its biggest single, “The One That Got Away” (with lyrics by Mike Campbell as he recorded with R. Stevie Moore under the name Roxy Music). After four singles, the band finally returned with “Hey Hey, Hey Hey” in 2002, which featured two of their top singles (the aforementioned “Everybody” and “She Belongs To Me,” which were also the band’s first Top 40 hits).

Today, R.E.M. performs live for the first time as they prepare to release their ninth studio album, Everybody, at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart after opening with 25,000 admissions. It also marks the reunion of the original lineup—

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What is creative retouching? – Videos Make Money On Youtube
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