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An image has multiple layers; this is why they need to be combined in Photoshop or Illustrator. The process to create an Illustrator layer with the right properties is explained on this page.

The “Layer Attributes” section is an important part of an Illustrator file. It is the place where you add your text, images and backgrounds.

When you want to change the style of an Illustrator layer, you can change its mask, change the position and size of the layer and make it “active”, meaning it is applied to all the pages of your document.

Using Illustrator

An Illustrator file can be opened (opened in Windows Explorer). This means you can edit it, create a new document (create a new page), and export it with the Export menu selected.

All Illustrator features, including the layers, the brush, shapes with various types of modifiers and the text and graphics editor, are integrated in the UI of the application that you can open (even after installation).

There are several different versions of the official software in different languages. All Illustrator software is published by Adobe Digital Editions and it works fine if you have a working version of Photoshop or Illustrator; this is only an issue when you don’t own either of these two programs.

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When you have bought a new computer or a new computer with software that you don’t want, you buy the application from the stores of the computer manufacturers (e.g. Home Depot). As an illustrator user you can always download the application from the Internet or the retailers mentioned above who also have a good selection of Illustrator software and tutorials.

You can also order all of the downloadable resources to get started with the Illustrator design software:

How to create a Illustrator document

The first thing you need to do is to create a new document in Illustrator for the first time. This is because the application was not designed to create text or graphics. You can usually use the buttons in the main window as a guideline for how to manipulate the layers, which will then help you to create a simple graphic file from your graphics.

Create a new document

Go to File → New and choose “Graphics” in the menu. You’ll be asked for a name and it is important to remember the name your graphic will later be used for. To create a graphic you can name it anything. This does not have to be the name of an image with a picture of it

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What is Illustrator used for? – Watch Youtube Videos Make Money
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