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Many people may hear about “photography” and think it’s some kind of expensive hobbyism. In fact, photography is an art and often a profession. There are many interesting reasons for why people want to make art with photographs, but perhaps the simplest reason is a desire to help others.

In a world of technology, many of the most important things we do are done physically and in the way we are meant to do them by an external force.

Photography is a world where the photographer can control, manipulate and be controlled.

It was when I joined the Air Force and I realized that I wanted to fly that I decided I wanted to become an Air Force pilot in the F-16.

When I applied to the Army I was told I would never have a chance, the only people with F-16’s were very tall and skinny. I was very discouraged and decided to take a job in a photography gallery.

When I began this job I quickly realized that photographing military personnel could make my life. I had a great opportunity to learn and I could learn it quickly, and the pay was very good as well.

When I entered the service, in a sense, I became a photographer in the Air Force. The Air Force is the greatest thing I have ever done, I mean in many ways and many forms. It’s a very good way to make your life.

It was so empowering that I realized that photography isn’t just something I do, it’s who I am.
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That’s how photography comes into my life. There is something that inspires you to paint the skies, take photos of soldiers on the battlefield, and the people around you in their world.

Why did you choose to join the Air Force?

When I first entered the Air Force, in 1984, it was an organization for people who were interested in the air force.

Air Force was a good fit for me because, at this time, the Air Force was very much about serving and getting the job done.

So, I decided that I wanted to go to college and become an Air Force pilot or enlisted airman.

At that time the Air Force was the best place to do that.

Why did you choose the Air Force?

If I wanted to make it in the Air Force at that time, there was no other place for me.

It was a place where I could learn and grow as an individual

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What kind of industry is photography? – Stock Photos Earn Money
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