What’s the catch with FreePrints? – Best Tags For Foap

We’ve got to share this in a video, of course!

I’ve always wanted an app that let me design and print designs, so while I am not quite there yet, I am very close. It’s just a matter of making it better.

As a kid reading comics as an old man, there were no great print apps of the era (save for Cog, that was a pretty cool thing too), and the first time I went around to a comic book shop, the guy (who was probably in his late 60’s at the time) asked for a computer to design prints, which I thought was a fantastic idea.

In 1993, we built an all-touch tablet with just the controls already in place (it was a TI-89), and started selling the basic app for that, because it was a fairly simple app to get running. Then, a few other creators got interested in creating print apps, and this one, with only the basic controls, was a real success.
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Over the years, the technology improved, and now the app has grown to be more powerful than even it could have ever gotten back then, with over 500,000 downloads! It started as a mere print app, but now has over 200,000 downloads! And this isn’t just the iPhone version, because our Android and Mac apps are just as good and do the same thing, and we’ve got over 15,000 in the Google Play store to show for it. We’re happy about the number and we’ve got tons of ideas for new apps that can use the incredible power of the tablet for lots of more people, and we’re excited about the future.

Here’s the trailer for this next one. It’s only on a phone currently, but we’d love it to grow!

I’m the one that started it all. My parents had an old Windows 95 computer that they never used until they were old enough to buy one. I would sit on it in front of the TV all day to learn about computer graphics and how to make apps – this was before the first iPad. And I designed my first app that day, back in those days.

The next big thing was an email app. My dad had a work PC, and his first email app was nothing but a bunch of dots and arrows. I designed something simple to make an app that people would understand and love and use. It sold a bunch, we went public with it, and I’ve been using

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What’s the catch with FreePrints? – Best Tags For Foap
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