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Well, it’s sort of like the internet in that the best users get to make the best changes in the system first… It’s all decentralized, no central point… No single point can control all the transactions, there is plenty of choice in the marketplace…

What’s your vision of bitcoin?

I’ve been talking to friends and people who are doing great things and they want to build on this. People are creating bitcoin-specific coins for different projects, and they are using Bitcoin for something totally different. It’s a powerful system, it can do a lot of interesting things in different ways. I wouldn’t want to limit the innovation of any cryptocurrency that has the necessary resources, but I want to open up the system as well… You don’t have to just have bitcoin, but I want to open it that way as well, for different things.

What other cryptocurrencies or projects do you think would be interesting?

I definitely think Ethereum is great – and the more Bitcoiners use it and understand it the easier it will become. But I think it will take a lot of work. Ethereum’s a pretty hard problem to solve, with thousands and thousands of people working on it. I don’t think the bitcoin blockchain can handle that kind of traffic. Ethereum will always be at the forefront of things like it has been. But the real innovation will be on the side, and then you will have a world of other currencies. I’m hoping to have one of them in about 8 years anyway.

What’s your current stance on Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a strange little thing. It’s hard to explain but I’ve always been open to it and it’s something I’m interested in. If you don’t understand it, it kind of defies everything you know – that’s what is most impressive about it. You can’t write bitcoin code or use bitcoin software without an understanding of it.
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Any advice for someone just trying to get into bitcoin?

I think the easiest way to learn about bitcoin and buy BTC is to look around as opposed to just looking in one place like me: I try to use one wallet for bitcoin, one for PayPal and like one for every card, then I go out and do something interesting. Sometimes I buy bitcoins for the sake of buying bitcoins and sometimes I buy bitcoins because it’s fun.

Why can’t anyone tell me what to do with my bitcoin?

I don’t know, people just spend their bitcoins on whatever they want

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What’s the catch with FreePrints? – Do Music Videos Make Money
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