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A woman wearing a hijab and holding a bottle of perfume was arrested for the second time in the same week and accused of being a terrorist by Turkish police after she tried to enter the consulate on Friday.

Prosecutors said that the 26-year-old woman “had a bag packed with bottles of perfume, which she refused to hand over” to police. She was arrested later on Saturday and has since been released for “failing in her duty of guarding the consular and diplomatic buildings against the terrorists and committing unlawful acts.”

The woman will be charged with unlawful entry into the consulate, which is a punishable offense depending on who you are and where you are in the world. She is believed to be from Afghanistan.

The prosecutor in Izmir’s Istanbul district was quoted by Hürriyet Daily News, as saying the woman is a resident of the southeastern Turkish city, who apparently came to the consulate looking for work opportunities. At that time, the local area in Izmir had been occupied by Kurdish militants fighting the Turkish state during the Turkish state’s operations inside Syria.

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According to prosecutors, the woman used what she thought was her Turkish identity card, which only contained her family names and her place of residence, so she went in without having her fingerprints taken.

“I have nothing against the Muslims but they do not represent me. I do not consider it wrong to be a citizen of America,” she is now alleged to have said, according to reports. “I came here on my own, at my own will and, as God willed, I took the right decisions and I am happy that America is one day following me.”

Turkey officially recognizes the PKK as the banned terrorist group, but the US believes that the group is more moderate and that, in fact, it is a more moderate political party.

“It’s interesting that she was able to enter the consulate by showing no ID when she was given the job of guarding it against terrorism,” one of the guards said of the woman’s arrest by Turkey’s police force.

Police also say the woman tried to enter the consular hall when she was not authorized to do so, the Hurriyet Daily News reported. The women allegedly tried to enter the hall where Turkish diplomats are working in order to use the bathroom. “What she was trying to do, nobody knows. She never showed any identification,” the guard said, as cited by the

Where can I sell my photos online for free?
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