Where can I submit photos for money? – How To Earn Money On Youtube Videos

If we have photos of a certain scene, we’ll offer it up to you free of charge for up to six months. Then, you have to pay for every update after that. To submit pictures, click below:

How can I contribute?

You need to email us with a photo or a set of photos. We ask only that you make sure it’s in good form before you send the photo(s) in. If the photo(s) already exist, you would likely be able to submit the picture in the same form again afterwards. If, however, you are the photographer, you are free to send the photo in the original format for the cost of the fee, and keep it as a bonus part for yourself and your future fans!

What if I don’t have a camera?

Yes, you can submit pictures, but they will be deleted once we receive your submission.

What if the photo was taken by someone else?

Yes, we are more than capable of finding the rights and sending the shots to their source to make the scene properly recognizable and the images of the scene in proper condition. However, if the shot was taken by someone else, we will do what we can to make it possible for you to get a credit on the credits.

What if there are photos I’d like to use here, but I am not the photographer or have been excluded?

If you would like to do this, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with someone to assist.

I want to work with other photographers! What can I do?

Contact us or follow us on social media and let us know about any opportunities you might have to work together. We always have people willing to do freelance/contract work; but it may take a little convincing.

Where can I see this scene?
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On our website http://vampyure-studios.com/, and on Instagram and Twitter. And, as always, we have the videos at our Youtube https://vampyure-studios.tumblr.com/ and Facebook https://vampyure-studios.facebook.com/

Can I sell my photo to you?

We have an official website on the way.

Can I get paid for images?

No we’re not accepting cash, you’ll have to pay in kind. (We do accept cards though).

If I want to put a post

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Where can I submit photos for money? – How To Earn Money On Youtube Videos
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