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No one. Anyone can take photos from Facebook, but it won’t add to their page. If someone takes more pictures than you see on your feed, they can see those photos.

If someone wants, I can use “My Photos” to see photos I already have. That can be cool if I want to take a random photo from my phone. In that case, I just have to click on the Facebook link from the photo that is being shown.

You can’t just choose a random photo if you don’t want to see it later. When I click “My Photos” again, it lists my current feed full of photos. I can click on any one of them and get a pop-up saying, “Sorry! There was no photo where that name was mentioned!”

It’s a drag. And I hate it. I really, really hate it.

You see this pop up, or hear the sound of the sound-off (i.e. sound bite), or see the post from a fan that has been on your feed, or see a photo you liked for a quick shot, you will feel the need to get back in the Facebook box (or to your friends list where you see that picture) to get some pictures. You will never say, “That’s OK, I’ll wait for other people to see”
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That’s fine if you’re the only person on Facebook, or if you’re using Facebook to talk to your friends about something you just discovered. But, when you’re just scrolling through your feed, your mind is racing. You want to get some pics. But you’re not really sure how to find them. And the whole point of Facebook is to get you inside, to share pictures with your friends, so there’s no real urgency to just get the one picture you want.

Not good. No one wants to be that person.

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Who can see my photos on Facebook? – Stock Photography Can You Make Money
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