Who has the best quality photo prints? – How Many Stock Photos To Make Money

What types of portraits are best for your business or to show your organization, event or to sell? We have the perfect wedding photos for a wedding we did with our friend who had a great time and thought they were funny so we wanted to post them here! If you know more, please let us know, we would love to get more submissions!

This is the first post in a new series designed to help you develop a basic understanding of what a server-side rendering solution can look like for your React app. In this post I’ll show you how one of our Rails app servers works, and then talk about how I’ve integrated it into a Node JS app using Nginx.

You might have thought, “Well, what’s a server-side rendering solution if you don’t actually have a React app?” But what is that anyway?

Server-side rendering is rendering the page through code written by the server. This is a very different form of rendering than what AngularJS uses. In order to render a React app it needs to be linked with some data from the server, and then that data will be rendered as a web page. So, a server-side solution renders a page through JavaScript, but there’s one huge difference: it doesn’t actually render web pages. So, what we’re going to do here is create a ReactJS app that simply renders a static web page for the app (with jQuery and css included).

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The app

So to use our ReactJS app we need to include some JavaScript:

Let’s now install some Node.js packages that we’ll need to keep the app up and running:

As you can see, we had to include two things to get this to work:


Dependencies and build configuration

But before we dive into building our site and app, let’s just get all this setup. In order the start using Nginx we first do some basic network configuration to have a working Nginx server up and running.

The first thing we need to do to get Nginx running is add the following line to our .bashrc file

LoadModule nginx_module modules/nginx/nginx.so

Now, in order to work with Nginx, we need to install some modules. Nginx provides a “web” directory in this project but it’s not required to be installed on the machine. You can install it anywhere however.

The following command

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Who has the best quality photo prints? – How Many Stock Photos To Make Money
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