Who owns Corel software? – Alamy

The answer is pretty simple, and I could go on about this all day, but basically I bought it from a private company. I’m told it is owned by the company that built the company that wrote the software, so that’s not a very good relationship in my opinion.

How much does it cost?

It’s a pretty basic program but I’ll give you an idea if you read through this blog post.


Do you own all of the software you are running? Is it completely out of date? Who owns it? What company did it all come from? What about the documentation?

Do you need a new printer or any other software?

What? Of course you don’t need a new printer. You may just need to update the software to be compatible with another printer. But what about the other software? Is it available on any other website? If it’s out of date, there’s nothing you can do. If your printer still works, you should get a new one.

Software you’d like to see on this blog.

What is the next software I should add to this list?

Do you like the way it looks on the desktop? Would you like to see this in XFCE Linux? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Michelin Guide to the Tour de France

Michelin Guides to the Tour de France and Road Bike

The Tour de France is one of the world’s most important sporting events, and for many professional cyclists and those lucky enough to be spectators there is nothing more to watch than the riders battle for the blue jersey and the title of world champion. Tour de France has grown from an annual race into a worldwide spectacle. The most visited cycling race in the world attracts more spectators for each year with each passing month.

It’s almost impossible to visit Paris without attending some Tour de France stage races:

The Tour de France Stage Races

Included here are not only these official WorldTour and road race events, but also some other “off the beaten tour days” and a multitude of minor races, including some which aren’t really Tour de France. I’ve chosen the best of the tour de France for the general public. The aim here isn’t the list of fastest or slowest bikes, but just to explore cycling around the Tour de France.

Tour de France Stage Races

These are the stages you’ll see in the most-vis

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Who owns Corel software? – Alamy
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