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We’re not talking about a foot-shaped face, because we’re sure that’s what you were thinking – but the image we’ve used for this post is the original image in an image search of the artist, with his or her signature. If you’d prefer to view the original in higher resolution than those we’ve chosen here, you can find it here:

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On to the rest of the top-ten…

#12: Gwyneth Paltrow

This isn’t a photo of one of those “Gwyneth Paltrow” feet you may recognise from photos on the internet. Rather, it is one of those fake Paltrow feet that are supposedly part of her famous “Gwyneth” brand name, but are not what they seemed. Paltrow’s other popular designer name are “Leo,” which refers to a Greek god of beauty and youth, and her other name is “Giorgio,” which is Italian for “goodie” or “fantastic” (in Latin.)

“Gwyneth Paltrow is an international fashion sensation, with a legion of loyal, devoted fans who have embraced her as a role model. Paltrow has helped make the fashionable designer look like a real fashion idol. Her fashion is full of vibrant colours, sophisticated designs, and simple yet striking pieces that are an essential part of the overall fashion landscape.” – Wikipedia

“She’s wearing these pants, it’s so soft and so soft, I mean it’s like they’re going to be the most comfortable pants you have ever worn, you know? – Nicki Minaj

#11: Beyonce

Okay, this is a photo that was taken by one of Beyonce’s publicist’s (she is Beyonce’s publicist.) You may recognise this particular photo from the infamous Beyonce photoshoot, because it looks just like a bunch of Beyonce’s fans staring at this Beyonce image on a computer or phone screen, while Beyonce continues shooting… but the image has become wildly popular on the web and in magazines, blogs, and social media websites.

The famous Beyonce image: a celebrity shot on a computer screen?

This is what Beyonce’s publicist (see picture below, her photo on the right) says the real photo looked like.

But while Beyonce is known for her extreme fashion photography, in recent years she’s also begun branching out to create more casual

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Why are feet pics a thing? – Can I Make Money On Youtube Videos
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