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They remind me so much of the days of my teenage years. And I was a huge guy in high school and high school football. And I had these little tiny peep toes on that little bit of top or the shoulder area of my uniform, just so I could run away from tacklers. And I just loved peep toes.

But it also reminded me of my father, who has foot pain all the time. He has severe cases of arthritis and he is a marathon runner who never stops and he’s done so well in everything that he has ever done. And he never stopped and I never stopped until I was 15 because, you know, my father, as a kid, was so athletic and such a runner, you know…but they are so much different situations with your feet or your feet and your leg to be injured, as opposed to your legs running away and going down when you hurt your lower leg, and then when you hurt your knee at the end of a race to try to get back on track. It is just different. …

And so that is a great analogy. …

Lena: What about foot pain, pain of the feet, especially when you experience numbness or pain in the foot…

Jenna: Well, there are a couple different things going on when you have numbness in feet. There is the inflammation of the ankle or the ligaments…

Lena: What would you call it?

Jenna: I called it the “Mild Infection of the Foot.”

Lena: Yeah. I guess that would be what you call it at your practice today.

Jenna: It’s a very sore, slightly swollen area or thing of a sort. It’s actually nothing. It’s actually just inflammation of the ankle. And that can be caused by a foot injury or can be caused when running in your shoes and when your hands, when you run in those shoes with that same shoes. So it’s nothing, it doesn’t hurt, it just takes a while before you realize it. It’s not the same as, say, you know, you know, a cold sore for your upper body or anything like that. It’s not the same thing. It’s just an inflammation, but it’s only the first of many things that go on.

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Lena: And what’s the difference between an ankle injury and a foot injury?

Jenna: When you have an ankle injury, it may

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Why are feet pics a thing? – Watch Videos On Kindle Fire And Make Money
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