Can I spray paint furniture without sanding? – Street Spray Paint Art Demonstrations Marjolein Bastin

Yes, paint chips or powder can be coated with a topcoat so the paint may be removed more evenly and quickly without the sanding. Do a quick sand with 1/8″ level pad or grit.

Is the color of the paint changed when the topcoat is removed?

Yes. If the surface is glossy, the paint has a more polished finish and will no longer have a satin finish.

Is there any advantage to using high quality topcoats?

The difference in the shine and gloss with topcoats makes paint much more durable and is a real plus for high-end customers.

How do I clean/sanitize the paint before I spray or buff?

If you haven’t done that before, you’ll find your tools and skills do double duty when cleaning it. When the paint is fully rinsed with running water, rinse the areas with vinegar or water; spray a light coat of clear topcoat; wipe clean with a rag and blot the excess with a clean, absorbented paper towel. Let the paint dry completely and wipe the area lightly with another absorbent paper towel. Remove excess dirt with a damp paper towel or cloth, using a little soap and warm water. Don’t wash or sanitize the paint until it is completely dry.

How will I know when it’s time to spray?

After the dust settles, you should be able to get about 1/4 to 1/2 inch per quart of spray on the surface without it feeling gritty or gritty looking. You can also use the standard, straight and steady direction of the paint pump.

Does it need to be buffed?

Yes, but the main benefit is the smoother finish and the opportunity to remove surface imperfections. When the paint is clean, you may scrub it with a sponge or paper towel and buff it with a soft toothbrush and/or a steel wool pad. You can rub the paint on a smooth surface or use a soft foam or foam pad to remove surface crud. A toothbrush might leave a dull finish.

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Can I spray paint furniture without sanding? – Street Spray Paint Art Demonstrations Marjolein Bastin
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