Can you do spray paint art on canvas? – How To Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained The Next Pandemic

Yes, the original canvas version of the mural is available. These pieces are the ones painted on canvas and can take some time to assemble and repair.

What are the minimum sizes?

These murals can be painted between 4.5 feet x 7 feet (1.2m yds) to 11.5 feet x 17.5 feet (3.0 x 9.8 m) if space is available.

Are the murals sold individually, or in limited quantities?

Each piece can be purchased individually. Each mural can be purchased in two sizes. Individual murals can be framed and signed on the inside of the glass.

Who can paint on the murals?

The mural can be painted by anyone. All artists are welcome to participate in the project and any special request needs to be submitted to our office.

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Can you do spray paint art on canvas? – How To Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained The Next Pandemic
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