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No. Spray paint is not made of lead.

How do I know I don’t have lead paint in the car?

It might be that, upon closer inspection of the paint, the paint will show a clear image on the back of the windshield that shows you are not actually wearing a lead-free glass windshield in your car. In that case, you may wish to get the window tinted back up.

What other things might the car have?

There are many other things that could be in the car that may contain lead:

Hair washes

If you think the car has been running too long, the car may have been exposed to an accident in the past or has not been maintained properly.

Cleaning equipment

Any vehicle that has been cleaned will have some dirt in it. If the car has been cleaning this equipment for a long time and the dirt has not been wiped away, it is possible that there is a tiny piece of lead paint left behind, called a lead-contaminated cartridge. The lead is still inside of the cartridge and has not been washed away.

Do I need to have the car serviced?

You do not have to have the car serviced for any of the corrosion problems you have identified. The paint is unlikely to be toxic from a point of view without cleaning out the system. But if you feel that there is potential for a lead problem, you will probably look at how clean a vehicle is and ask that it be cleaned once a year.

What are the possible benefits of being lead free?

No lead in the water

No lead in the air

No lead in the food

No lead in the soil

No exposure to soil in the home. See the link above for further information about soil contamination.

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Does spray paint contain lead? – Spray Paint Art Video Nyc Times
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