Does spray paint contain lead?

Why do lead paint stains fade? What to do if you spot a high lead paint stain on your property?

For more information on lead paint, contact the EPA.

How to Spot Paint Leaks and Paints

Spotting paint leaks or stains is a great way to identify if they have been present for a long time or if you have recently experienced paint damage that could adversely affect your home’s durability.

The first step in spotting leaks and stains is to determine if you see or feel a faint yellowish or purple ink from an improperly installed ceiling or walls. If this is the case, then you do not have to worry about it; you could also run your home’s air conditioner in high-humidity and high-pH settings to eliminate the problem.

If your first impressions of a leaking ceiling or walls are yellowy or purple, you cannot be too worried about it; however, we can’t stress the importance of cleaning off any paint that was left behind that can cause a lead paint stain. The problem may be very old or very recent, so it’s best to treat the stains as early as possible and clean them as soon as possible after a light rain or blow out so that water does not soak into the paint and cause a permanent yellowish/purple color.

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In a pinch, you can try taking a small brush and wiping away the stain right on the paint itself. If this is not possible or not for you, it is possible to simply try scrubbing your carpet or your floor. However this can be a very tedious experience—it would be best if the stain is very dark—but still possible to make it light green, pale yellow, or grey. If your carpet becomes too dark, then try moving the carpet to a different area, or just removing the carpet yourself and then moving it after the initial cleaning.

In addition, after removing any remaining areas of dark red or white paint that has developed, the only other thing you may need to do is to apply protective clothing, such as polyurethane-covered blankets or cloths. This will help keep dust and contaminants out for a few weeks, but will do little or nothing to prevent a lead paint stain.

What to Do If You Spot a Lead Paint Stain

You should immediately cease spraying or touching the ceiling or wall(s), and immediately contact your nearest Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Agent. If you have not already done so, contact your local emergency number to

Does spray paint contain lead?
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