How do you not get caught graffiti? – Spray Paint Art Supplies

It’s hard to get yourself caught. It’s a lot more involved than just a little spray paint. You gotta know what to do and how to get around. When people spray paint graffiti, they try to put different colors and things into places where they don’t want people to see them. You don’t see someone spray-painting something on the side of a car and then walk away. It’s a little more hidden. But it’s very easy to get caught and you’re trying to figure it out. I know that’s like the worst thing to do but it’s a big one, to just brush them off because it’s something you’re used to now when you spray paint graffiti. It’s the same thing for doing that. You just want to take your time to figure it all out when you go around a scene and go into a place and see what you’re doing. I’ll try to get past that later but right now, it’s more getting better.

How long do you think it’s gonna take before it catches you once the paint is on the walls?

I don’t know, maybe two or three years in. Sometimes when I do my first book, I paint three different days and don’t put it on for two days, and then I try to do that three times, that doesn’t happen. It doesn’t happen in the books I do. It never happens. It has to be the same in my experience. If you’re going to do something as a street art piece, you have to do it three different times in three different locations. If you only paint for one location and you’re trying to do it at a festival or someone’s house, you’re going to put it on a wall like, “You gotta do it in my house,” or you’re going to put it on the walls of some random place like an old house. If you put it on a building or a van, there’s nobody you can’t paint over. For me, I know it’s going to be tough because the street art people have been doing it forever and always will but people don’t just decide to go and be street art. There’s going to be people in other areas. Most graffiti gets painted everywhere. It’s not like some people put it where they just paint graffiti and leave it. It’s just like “This is where the graffiti guys are.” Now, there are other areas where people won’t put graffiti. It seems like people will start doing it, but

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How do you not get caught graffiti? – Spray Paint Art Supplies
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