How do you not get caught graffiti? – Spray Paint For Paper Crafts

-A simple reason is that it will never be done without a camera. The other reason is, it’s not even worth trying. Even people who are very skilled with graffiti won’t do it without a camera, because it’s not something that they really think they could achieve without any experience, knowledge or motivation. But also because it is really hard to get caught tagging the walls of malls, and in many areas. As a kid, I remember in high school I couldn’t really get caught at all and all the best artists in school were tagging, if they were caught they got a beating from other kids all around, but in middle school I got hit with a “fuck you” in class when i had the audacity to tag a billboard! So I had no clue to what to do…i tried to look for the best spots, but i could never really find any. But with the internet i decided to look for places to tag, and i finally found the best places in New York, my favorite city to do tags on, because it’s so clean and there are so many places to do it. The main reason we don’t tag there anymore is because it has a lot of really cool art museums, so you can see a lot of different things that would make some graffiti fans happy.

-How do you tag your homes now?

-Well, I think that now people know that they shouldn’t mess with the walls, especially in the city, but that doesn’t mean not to try with a camera. Because I still tag many places like my apartment on the ground floor of my apartment building, because this is a nice place to keep graffiti in. But if I was still tagging, i wouldn’t do anything too crazy since i’m pretty sure that there is still someone out there who loves to mess with the wall. I try to be careful with my home though: in my building, I have a lot of windows so people can come and go, so tagging inside wouldn’t really help me in this situation, since they aren’t able to see you. And even in my apartment there are always people who aren’t on the building’s social networks, so not tagging the walls on the ground floor means not talking to anyone on that level! I do try to keep my walls neat though, so if i try something crazy, I make sure that i’m not going to get caught doing it, i don’t want to get caught doing it if i could avoid doing it!


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How do you not get caught graffiti? – Spray Paint For Paper Crafts
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