How do you spray paint a compressor?

I’m going to start with a pretty basic, but effective, method.

Start with a sheet of paper, a paintbrush, and some paint.

Then take the paint brush to the nozzle of the pump and spray lightly.

Now, hold the pump in the middle of you, and squeeze the trigger to spray at the end.

I like to squeeze the trigger a bit to get the right amount. When you do this, the paint will be really slick, but it’s not sticky like you’re used to.

Spray a few more paint layers onto the same paper, and then continue to do the same thing.

After about fifteen minutes, you should start getting white stripes.

Then go ahead and run your paintbrush into all of the stripes from before.

Then, spray on more paint until everything has been coated. I like to finish spraying just before I get out of the spray booth, just in case the spray booth itself will blow your hands off.

Don’t forget to spray the paint on the back!

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Now, take your paintbrush, and pour more paint onto the stencil.

Then, start to add your dots.

I like to keep the dots fairly small; some guys like to start at three dots, and make it really thick.

If you don’t like to paint on things, you can stop after the last dot’s on your stencil.

Now, you’re just about done! When you’re done, you have this really pretty gradient.

I want to show you how to get the stripes onto your canvas.

I like to use a black brush, then a white brush. I’m going to draw all of the stripes with one color.

Then, I’m going to work at it in a clockwise direction.

You’re going to see that I’m getting a lot of stripes in a row, so I’m drawing them in different colors.

The next step is to add one or two stripes of each hue.

I then go to the end and put my brush to the last stripe. It’s also going to keep the color from going away, so you can paint on as many as you’d like!

It may help to paint a few of the stripes again and add one or two more at a time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these stencil tips, which hopefully have helped make your sten

How do you spray paint a compressor?
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