How do you spray paint fine lines? – Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained

Do you spray it down with water?

MATT: Well, the idea was first to make your hands and feet appear flat, but the problem here is we just can’t build them with water, because there are all these little ridges under water that the paint doesn’t want to go into.

NARRATOR: So the team tried thinning out the color by spraying water over the pattern.

MATT: But you can’t always see the color. There are so many fine points here that the color can’t be completely lost. And that just doesn’t happen with water.

PETER: Because of the small ridges that come into contact with the water, sometimes you get small bubbles, and the bubbles can make it visible. And so we just spray it down with water.

NARRATOR: The team had to go out to a beach in Mexico to test the effect of using the technique they had developed.

NICHOLAS: The idea comes from a little bit of a history of science called color theory. There was a great deal of experimentation in the early 20th century when scientists tried to figure out the way in which natural, natural products worked by experimenting with them.

NICK: And the great scientist and artist and scientist, Johann Georg Wilhelm Bach, and it has some great stuff in there, so this is all about taking these things and playing with them and trying to understand what they really do and what they’re really for.

NICK: Because it’s really about trying to be able to paint on something. And there are several different ways to do it, and that’s the fun of all this.

NICK: There’s also, “How do I go about that?” That’s a great question to ask.

NICHOLAS: Because there’s no reason not to. You’re just making things up with color, right? You can get a nice color; and you can get this really nice color. But it’s the only way to do it. And it’s the best way to experimentally understand that we’re in a world of color where we’re dealing with things.

NICK: You don’t have to be a scientist. There are people who really understand the science—there are people who are just like you and me who know the difference between the various chemicals that are in the sky, like the blue or the red. And they’re going—it takes quite a bit of effort

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How do you spray paint fine lines? – Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained
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