How long does Rustoleum spray paint last?

Yes, it will, in fact, last months – probably even years – if never touched by a human. And even when a human does get close – you know, if you are ever going to remove it or if you are going to use it on something else! But, if you really need to maintain a paint finish as thick as the rest of it you should think about it. Rustoleum’s paint finishes are really high gloss that should be sanded and polished with some quality sealer. Rustoleum warns against letting this paint age over time, noting that it will “leave a noticeable yellowing and/or fading when exposed to warm water”…

Does Rustoleum spray paint adhere to wood?

Rustoleum’s spray finishes will not adhere to wood like the usual Rustoleum clear coats do. Some people use these paints for high gloss finishes, some people use them to give the look of the wood a little more gloss or a very glossy look, and some people use them to give the wood a shine. The spray finishes will never be very durable to wood, but they are still great to use on wood as long as you do not paint the wood.

Does Rustoleum spray paint penetrate wood?

It shouldn’t! But you can always get your hands on a good coat of Rustoleum and give it a try. You can also try other brands such as Clear, Red and Gloss. To test for penetration, use an abrasive pad on your finger tip and try to slide a piece of paper underneath it while rubbing the pad. If it slides off without any resistance you have a clear piece of wood.

How will Rustoleum spray paint affect natural wood color?

As the Rustoleum clear coat dries out it will change the natural color of any wood you are using to replace it.

Does Rustoleum spray paint interfere with the durability of wood?

Yes, but only a little. When using high gloss Rustoleum’s in your next paint project, use caution when sanding or refinishing the wood to prevent it from oxidizing or darkening. Rustoleum warns that Rustoleum won’t protect wood from the elements without special protection, but it just as easily could.

Does Rustoleum spray paint penetrate other finishes?

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Maybe but really don’t worry about it. The clear coat will not transfer onto a gloss, satin or other finish as it does that on the conventional coat.

How long does Rustoleum spray paint last?
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