How long does Rustoleum spray paint last?

A: There is no guarantee that Rustoleum spray paint will not deteriorate over time. The first wash should be within 2-4 months. Then once the weather is more suitable, the remaining surface is subject to repeat applications of water-soluble polishes. Water-soluble polishes are generally more stable against water, as they contain a protective coating that can be washed off quickly.

Q: Which polish type is best for Rustoleum® Polishes?

A: In our opinion, a combination of water and water-soluble glazes are better for Rustoleum® polishes. Water-soluble glaze polishes leave an even, shiny finish and work well over all types of surfaces (not just the painted one). Water-soluble glaze polishes can be used multiple times per day, and often do not require any additional primers. To determine whether a new spray paint surface is suitable for a Water-Soluble Polish, check your brand, size and polish type before purchasing.

Q: Can Rustoleum® spray paint be applied over clear coats using spray-off?

A: No. To ensure clear coats dry properly, the entire surface may also need to be sprayed first with Rustoleum® spray paint.

Q: Can Rustoleum® spray paint be used to clear coat vinyl floors?

A: Yes, we can use Rustoleum® spray paint directly on the surface of virtually any type of flooring or vinyl, and spray any new Rustoleum® vinyl finish coating directly onto the surface of your new vinyl finishing layer. But, please understand that any Rustoleum® vinyl finish must be dry-hardened in the same way as any other vinyl product. For instance, you need to apply 3 layers of topcoat to a freshly waxed vinyl surface, or waxed plywood. You cannot use Rustoleum® spray paint (or Rustoleum® clear coat) directly on new vinyl.

Q: What surface type do the parts come with?

A: Rustoleum® spray paint parts come with the original paint bottle and parts instructions. Rustoleum® spray paint accessories are sold separately.

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How long does Rustoleum spray paint last?
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