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Where can one find them?

Spray paint is an art form. There are millions and millions of artists making their name around the world. There are people who are better at this type of art than others or do it on a regular basis but they are not necessarily in the spotlight.

To become a better painter, you’ve first have to understand art.

Art is a process. It’s a craft to be well crafted and you are part of this process. You should focus on what you want to create and work on that and do that every day.

Spray painting is often not considered art work so people tend not to see it as a profession.

However, if you can make it to an art show or buy a spray paint kit, you can learn how to become a better painter.

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How much does it cost to become a spray paint artist?

The cost of becoming a professional spray paint artist varies depending on how much you get paid (the value you create) as well as what your skill set is like.

In some instances you’ll be able to afford to pay for the basic kit and you can have the full kit cost $500. In the best cases you get paid $600 or more. If you have an amazing portfolio of work that pays for itself quickly, you can save money.

If, however, you get paid less or nothing, you might want to consider finding another career path which could allow you to earn more money. If you want to become a professional artist, you don’t have to stop painting at some point while you study or you can keep painting until you are paid again.

How can I find someone to work with?

If you want to find someone to paint on your car, apartment, garage or work with you on a commission basis, you will need to work a little harder to find someone that wants to work on your project.

If you are looking for a new art buddy, I suggest trying out some of the following sites:

Artists’ Gallery

If you are looking for someone to paint your car on your schedule, make sure to check out what the most popular painting sites are like:

Artists Gallery

Artists Only


Paintsmith Gallery

A couple other places I’ve checked out are:

Artists’ Website


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How much do spray paint artists make? – Spray Paint Art
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