Is rustoleum 2x enamel? – Spray Can Paint Artist In Las Vegas

I found a way to make rustoleum into a clear bottle! 
I’ll let the video take care of that for you. But the main thing is that the enamel turns from a deep, deep purple (which is supposed to look rich and deep but actually is just very pale) to a white and clear when you shine light on it.  
I used the green paint for this because it’s a very dark color so the white colour is more contrast than the black colour. Also it’s not as thin as the clear so it will stay that way longer. My enamel is a bit thinner than most and because of that, if you’re trying to get a white enamel, you’ll want to make sure you get it a little thicker so it fills in the gaps.
I know it really doesn’t need to be said, but just be aware that this will make the enamel much darker and you probably don’t want it that dark. As for how I got it to this color:
This is how I made my paint:
Spray bottle, paint, enamel. Basically it’s a bit of any kind of paint and it’s the same with some of the colours that will give you the enamel colour. It’s all about experimenting!
I’ll let you take care of your enamel now 🙂

For these shots, I actually started with the enamel on the wrong side since I wanted to show off the paint and the enamel being so light and the paint on the other side.
As you can see, I applied the enamel on top of the painting I was doing and the red was on the left hand side. So I got the red on the left hand side and it was super subtle.
I then let it dry for 2 days before I took some pics of it so it’d be super nice in real life.
As a side note, the enamel was really nice to go with this! It has a beautiful blue tinge and it’s almost black as well. It’s really a great looking colour and I really like the contrast of the dark purple enamel.
I think these would look absolutely fantastic on any outfit. I’ll probably just buy some as I don’t want to run out!
Now for the finished product and how it looks.
As in the video, I used a light wash to lighten it up.
This is what it looks like on me :3
It’s basically so perfect that I think I’ll

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Is rustoleum 2x enamel? – Spray Can Paint Artist In Las Vegas
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