Is rustoleum 2x enamel?

Is it really a white oak ?

Is there real saponification ?

How long would it survive in a high altitude environment

What is the name on the label ?

File:US Navy 040413-N-5328N-029 A U.S. Air Force Airman spray ...
What is the composition of the pulp ? Is it a hardwood or a softwood ?

How long would it be in the air when you removed it ?

When it is ready what is the colour ?

What makes it rust ? What is the type ? Is there any rust protection ?

A few people have been writing about it on the internet, some of them have actually had it installed. All of them were surprised by the rust which appeared and quickly turned into a rust stain. This is the kind of rust that was very hard to see on the inside. I would like to share with you several ways to tackle the rust.

1. Don’t Use Anything

If the saponification has been initiated, don’t do anything in order to bring it to an end. The saponite is very stable, you cannot remove or apply any kind of stain. Please wait till the rust is well done before putting in any new stain. For the best results this process can take up to two days.

2. Make Your Own Stain

This is more of a creative way to tackle the problem. It requires a lot of patience. Soak your blackened pulp for half an hour or more in water. This is to ensure that all the moisture is absorbed before the pulp reaches the stain.

3. Put in Rust Stain (I like to use some cornstarch to bind it)

Add some cornstarch to a wet/wet rag. Mix it well so that you get a fine coating on your pulp. After this has completely set for one minute, put in more saponified pulp. Once wet, start to add water slowly which will keep the coating, but will not help much if the solution water is too thin. Do not let it dry up completely, you will have to reapply when necessary.

A sample of the finished “rust stain” on my wooden pallet

4. Add Other Materials like Lava Dust, Clay etc.

Make a layer on your stain/pan at least half a centimetre to two centimetres thick. This will make sure that there is only a thin layer and that it does not allow any additional moisture to enter the container. This way, the new stain will

Is rustoleum 2x enamel?
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