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Yes, it’s painted.

“If you were to go out and see the rustoleum that I use,” said Dr. Charles F. Oehl, chief of the Paint Shop at the Duxford Museum, “you wouldn’t think ‘I am a painter.’ You’d think, ‘I love the art of painting, and I’d like to be a painter.”‘ As a schoolboy, he went out to the paint shop at school, and there he bought the paint he now uses. ‘I am a painter of my very heart,’ he says.

Dr. Oehl has built an entire career around the idea of what is known as an ‘art of painting.’ He wants to be an artist, so he teaches about painting in his own school, and as time goes on he begins to take commissions to decorate the homes of others.

This is a rare type and a fascinating one. ‘It’s a lot more art than you see,’ he remarks. ‘It’s a lot more than just painting, it’s about the art of painting.’

This is also an odd-sounding phrase, given that the term painter has been with us as long as art itself. ‘I used to be a wood carver,’ said Oehl. “And then a painting student I had in high school suggested that we use the term painter, so I said ‘Oh yeah, and I’m painting, too.’ ”

Why can’t we be artists when our minds are so much bigger than our eyes?

And how could this be a good thing?

‘The idea,’ said Oehl, ‘is that the artist is a small, kind of tiny part of something greater. A lot of people use the word artist because we want to be cool, because we love art, and because everybody needs to be cool. But, the fact is there is something greater than art. There is an idea inside your heart which knows that what you are doing isn’t just art, but something larger. You’re talking about something more than your own thoughts, you’re talking about something else besides that, something divine, that you have in your heart, and you have the power to express it in beautiful ways in beautiful things. I would like to make paintings of animals.’

So perhaps he has a purpose, perhaps he is merely an artist. And maybe I believe him but I believe him in that he knows the universe’s bigger than him and that

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Is rustoleum a paint? – Spray Paint Artdiy
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