Is rustoleum a primer?

Where has the word ‘rut’ come from?

The word “rut” comes from the Old English rīsti (meaning ‘to drive, run’) and the Latin rūte (meaning ‘to drive’), as well as from the root of the English word, rue, meaning ‘run’ – i.e. to chase or overtake, or to take, or, more simply, ‘to run up’. It seems unlikely that any member of the early 20th century, when people first called themselves ‘rutters’, would have found this description, however, and by the early 20th century rustoleum had been used as a metaphor for a run-up.

Is it true that the name ‘rustoleum’ originated in some part of London or the south-east of England?

The name has not been attributed to any particular part of London. It is more likely that rustoleum originated from an area of the south east, although it is likely the name was picked up in this area from a reference to the name of the Roman fort of Rustucello, which was situated near London and was said to have been built by soldiers of the Second Roman legion stationed on the spot.

Is rustoleum the name of a location in any of the United Kingdom?

Yes, it is the name of a building in West Sussex in Sussex, England, which was established after the Second World War as a wartime headquarters for a British Army Intelligence (BEA) unit. It was closed in 1998.

Where and when was it called ‘rustoleum’?

The place name originates from the Roman word rustocum.

Was there a ‘crisis’ in relation to rustoleum?

Rutting has been associated with ‘trespass’, ‘invasion’, ‘threat’, ‘war’ and other terms which date to Roman times, yet in the 19th century there was no serious concern about the threat of such activity.

The UK has been known to be one of the busiest places in Europe for years?

Certainly at the turn of the 21st century. The British Transport police are credited with stopping more than 12 million bus journeys over the course of the year, while the UK is said to have witnessed around 50,000 ‘fences’ at the same time. This is a far greater number than other European countries.

As you may have noticed from the information above rustole

Is rustoleum a primer?
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