Is spray paint acrylic or oil?

We use two types of spray paint acrylic (or oil) for both the acrylic in your paint and the surface for the acrylic.

When using a standard acrylic paint, the spray paint is applied onto the substrate and the oil is pressed onto the substrate. On the surface for the acrylic, the paint is applied on the surface, and the oil is pressed onto the acrylic. This process can be repeated multiple times through a number of layers, which makes it great for painting and finishing.

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Both of these acrylic paints are very effective against mold and mildew.

When using oil on your artwork, we recommend one layer and one additional layer of paint or an acrylic paint as appropriate. A standard acrylic paints works well for our artwork.

You may also want to consider oil for painting the artwork before mounting it on a plastic surface such as foam board, paper, or cardboard. Once the oil dries and the paper hardens, it is much easier to use the oil to maintain the texture and smoothness for painting.

What if I want to finish the painting prior to shipping it out to my customer?

We suggest you treat this step only if you need to make the surface for the acrylic less porous, a lot easier to clean, etc. It is recommended that you cover the acrylic with a thin coat of water based latex paint or wax prior to painting a specific surface. In most cases, you can paint the surface before taking it out of the shipping box or storage container. It is very important to seal the acrylic surface on the back side of the shipping cardboard or a foam board to prevent any moisture building up in the shipping box or storage container.

Our shipping containers are pre-carpeted with a rubber top over the foam board to keep any dust from getting inside! This layer of wax protects the acrylic from the wax particles on the foam board.

How long is acrylic paint safe to use for artwork?

It is important that the painting to be done by an experienced artist or you could end up with mold, mildew, and bacteria. Even though acrylic paint is great for painting and will stop the spread of mold, this is a very difficult material to take care of and it is almost impossible to clean correctly!

Please use caution when using acetone or any other solvent, such as nail polish remover. We have learned the hard way by spraying acetone onto our artwork and it was only after cleaning up this paint that we were able to get

Is spray paint acrylic or oil?
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