Is spray paint expensive? – Easy Spray Paint Art Nature Leaves Drawings


There are commercial products that you can buy (think of them as mini-spayment stations) which are more expensive, because the paint itself cost more. However, those expensive commercial products only last a small period of time, and your paint will last longer, so it’s worth the cost.

How long does the spray paint last?

It doesn’t depend on the surface it’s on, but it should last you a year or more if you wash clean every day.

Can I use any of my spray paint outdoors?

No. You can use the same material outdoors at home, but be sure it’s properly laundered.

Can I leave some outside under my bed?

Nope! Don’t leave any paint there, even if the material that makes it has a lot of paint on it. You should have to clean up the paint when you’re finished.

Can anyone use any of my spray paint out?

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Yes. I don’t know of any areas of the world where spray painted graffiti is illegal, but it definitely gets reported to the police and, if you have spray paint on your apartment, you won’t want it on any walls where people live.

Sydney-based artist Jason Brown recently launched a gallery show curated by Australian street artist Banksy.

A project that Brown is calling “A Portrait of Sydney”; the show is curated by Sydney’s National Gallery of Art and features 50 different works from different artists and cities throughout Australia. Each artist makes their own work, and will be exhibited in a gallery show each month.

The show is named after Brown’s personal friend, artist Paul Cummins. Brown says he wanted the show to represent the country’s diverse cities, and has included works from a number of artists, including Sydney writer Mark Ronson, as well as artist George Miller.

“It will allow people to explore different approaches. That’s what makes this possible,” Brown said.

Cummins, who often creates murals throughout the world, said he’s pleased with how his work is being incorporated into the exhibition.

“One part of the art world that’s still largely underground is street art, which is generally anonymous at the moment in public spaces,” he said. “I am absolutely thrilled about the opportunity to be part of this event.”

While Brown was initially inspired with the work of artist Cummins, Brown says Cummins’ work and personality are

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Is spray paint expensive? – Easy Spray Paint Art Nature Leaves Drawings
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