Is spray paint expensive? – How To Make A Moon With Spray Paint

“No. It’s the cheapest thing that you can buy,” said Dave Williams, a spokesman for the National Association of Home Paint Stores. “If all your walls are white or brown, you’re not getting good performance or the durability.”

In the past, it cost $20 to apply a paint job to a white wall. Now, it’s as high as $500.

That adds up: One coat of paint costs about $15 a square foot. A wall with 2 square feet of paint is costing about $125 a square foot.

Paint can get moldy

A couple of things will help keep paint from getting moldy: Use non-chlorinated lacquer, and be wary of using paint with oils in it, said Robert Kieschnick, a home decorator in Chicago.

“Oil paints can contain a lot of organic material that gives the paint an off color; when you get those off colors, you’re not getting the same amount of gloss and shine as a new paint job,” he said. “So the risk of molding or other issues is higher for a paint that will be oil-based.”
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Paint should be stored outdoors, away from wind and moisture, and in a cool place, said Bob Weil, co-owner of Weil AutoCare in St. Paul.

“We believe the temperature where paint is stored is not a temperature where it has the opportunity to dry. That is not a good temperature for a paint.

“Paint should be allowed to dry properly before it is used. The weather will eventually dry it out,” he said.

The other risk

The second big risk to storing paints is that you don’t know how long it will be for — or that of the place you’re storing it, since it can be shipped in boxes, or sealed in plastic buckets, Kieschnick said.

“That’s a big piece of it, because once you have it, it’s there for life,” Kieschnick said.

That’s bad because, if the paint is damaged or a mold issue develops, buyers might be more inclined to return the product than buy new.

And when you see, say, brown paint on a white wall, that may not be a good sign.

“If it has brown streaks running throughout it, that’s a sign that it has some sort of mold growth or has been sprayed too often,” K

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Is spray paint expensive? – How To Make A Moon With Spray Paint
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