Is spray painting easy? – Youtube Spray Paint Art For Tennis Shoes

Well, as the name suggests, spray painting can be a challenge, because it requires good technique and a willingness to take a lot of risks. But if you do get it down, you won’t be bored! Here are some tips to help you learn the basics (but hopefully not break the bank) and go from there.

Do you want to paint an old van? Or a classic BMW? Or… the red “Namaste Red”? Well, we’ll tell you why that’s possible. Click below to see a few inspiration images.

1. How to paint a vintage Volkswagen or Mercedes-Benz

The first step is to choose your color scheme – either a classic red, classic green, or classic white.

If you choose this way, your project should be easier and the results will be more impressive. The color scheme should be a combination that has been made in the past and is in keeping with the vintage feeling you want to portray. Red is a classic and classic colors can really go to the heart of your vehicle.

2. How to paint a classic car

To follow the example of the VW, you should follow a few basic guidelines:

You need to paint the paint a certain way. You can have a very bright color – like the traditional VW red, but then the results won’t be as clear. You need to paint it from high-pressure (500 psi or more) paint sprays with a brush.

3. How to paint a classic car with a traditional paint job

Use your favorite paintbrush. Use a thin or no paint. Do not let paint dry completely, which is the riskiest part in this method.

4. How to paint any car – classic or non-classic

There are countless classic cars. In fact, there are more cars (and more designs) than ever before in their history. So what do you paint? I’d suggest doing a photo shoot using several favorite classic models.

The choice of classic cars is up to you.

5. Painting a classic car with a non-classic paint job

In this case, your choice will be very open and you can chose any classic color.

Here’s a couple of example images.

6. How to paint a non-classic car

If you want to follow a classic design, you should use a classic paintjob.

This may not be the most complicated thing you’ll ever

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Is spray painting easy? – Youtube Spray Paint Art For Tennis Shoes
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