Is there a spray dye for fabric? – Spray Paint Art Supplies

Sure. All you have to do is apply a little bit of your favorite, or even a cheap brand like the ones in a bottle (they’re usually called “spray dyes”) to fabric. You simply spray it on with a brush or paintbrush, wipe it off, and then wash the fabric. It’s amazing what a little bit of a dyes and paint can do.

What do I do about colors or patterning?

That’s a good thing for sure. So, how do you handle those? What can you do if you want a particular color or a special weave? Some fabric will simply be a little thicker or it will be more “soft.” If your fabric is really, really soft, just use very little, or your weave will be uneven, and it won’t show through.

Can I dye anything on a silk?

We’re still working on that one. We have worked with many silk dyes (and other natural dyes) so far, and have not found anything that has worked for us to date. We would suggest using just plain white cotton. As far as that goes, we’ve not found a silk that would look good on anything other than pure white cotton.

Is it true that some silk fabrics have a silkiness that would make them less than perfect for clothing?

No, silk has no silkiness at all, and it’s just naturally a dark, light, and smooth fabric. And it turns out that when it matures sufficiently, it becomes a really gorgeous fabric.

We are now very excited about our line of Silk & Wool T-Shirts! As we develop our line, there are so many wonderful possibilities!

What is the difference between Silk & Wool?

First of all, our silk is “silk” on the inside and “wool” on the outside, but the fabrics are almost exactly the same! There is no difference between silk and wool. If you want to see it in person, you can purchase a 100 percent silk shirt, which will be available in a 50 / 50 wool / silk mix at some locations. We also offer a 100 percent silk & wool bag.

What size can I get?

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We are constantly working on our sizing (which makes us happy), so there may be delays in stock if we can not order the sizes in a timely manner.

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Is there a spray dye for fabric? – Spray Paint Art Supplies
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