Is there a spray dye for fabric? – Spray Paint Artist Famous

Absolutely! A lot of fabric brands recommend using Kreg’s Fabric Swatch to determine where you should stain your fabric, but it only works with the right types of fabric – so look to our recommendations. A great way to tell your fabric apart from similar brands is to test it on a scrap of paper, or get yourself a quick online dye test done in our How to Dye Fabric tutorial page. For other fabrics, feel free to experiment – just be sure to test on a scrap of paper, and use the exact same dye as you’d use on your fabric.

Are there any DIY tutorials for painting on fabric?

No! The dye we use for our fabrics has to stay in our tanks, and it can damage the tank if not sprayed regularly. To protect against this, we recommend making a DIY quick and easy DIY paint for paint tanks and fabric. We’ve included our DIY paint tutorial for cotton/cotton blend, cotton/cordless, polyester, silk, cashmere, polyester/cotton blends, wool, wool/cordless and more.

Can I use a fabric stain?

We would LOVE for you to use our stains. We suggest that you stick with our fabric stains unless your fabric comes in a fabric dye specifically designed without stains like linen. To try it out, check out our easy DIY stain tutorial with fabric dye. We’ve included our stain tutorial for woven fabric, cashmere and cotton blends. A perfect way to learn stains is to watch our How to Make Stain Tutorial if you prefer to watch.

Which fabrics are stain resistant?

Some of our fabrics are 100% stain resistant, such as cotton, linen and cashmere blends. We’ve also tested our fabric dyes, including our classic Red/Cream mix. You can see our results here.

Can I try using my stain with other stains?

Yes! You can use a mix of a different dye throughout your project – including your white or neutral color, your lighter or darker colors and even your shades of the same color or multiple colors on the same project.

Where do I get my fabric stain kits?

We have thousands of colors and types for you to use. Our kit list comes with a free sample of a fabric stain kit, so you can get the most from your stains before you invest in anything else!

Can I use fabric dye on any products?

Absolutely! Use fabric dye on your fabric, paper

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Is there a spray dye for fabric? – Spray Paint Artist Famous
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