What do graffiti artists use? – New York Spray Paint Art For Sale

Graffiti artist graffiti artists usually use a variety of tools that include, brush/ink pens, spray paint, markers, glue and/or other tools along with the paint.

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This page aims to provide a detailed discussion on the various aspects of graffiti art that can be found around the web. To that end it seeks to document different types of graffiti, identify popular graffiti art sites and to include the types of graffiti artists that are involved in the creation of the artwork.

What tools are used?

Graffiti artists are primarily using different types of markers and, with other types of markers such as paint, paintbrushes, and pencils, a variety of materials can be used for the creation of graffiti. The use of these types of materials is an aspect that can vary considerably from artist to artist and may mean that particular styles of graffiti art can be completely different from others.

Graffiti is also commonly accompanied by various types of paints and is often marked with graffiti, although the specific style and use of the paint can be different. For those concerned with the details of individual graffiti styles, such as ‘blues’, ‘goths’, or ‘chickees’ this can sometimes be a time consuming exercise to work out the specific use and origin of various graffiti.

Do graffiti artists get fined?

As is the case for other acts of artistic expression, graffiti artists are liable for damages on account of their action. The legal definition of how much damages can be recovered for each act of vandalism is currently a matter of current debate. In this respect, the fine that graffiti artists can be fined for, as stipulated in the UK criminal legislation, can be higher than that of graffiti graffiti itself.

What is the history of graffiti?

Graffiti was first used as a form of writing on walls by the Italian graffiti artist, Francesco Buonaparte, during the second half of the 20th century. It has since then been used, or at least considered to be the most widely used form of graffiti art in the world. There is evidence that Graffiti was first used by young men in a number London, New York and Chicago ‘villages’ to communicate with each other and the outside world. This is referred to as ‘graffiti as a cultural form’ with the term first being used by Markham W. Fossell in his book, ‘Graffiti in the 20th Century’ (1987). The

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What do graffiti artists use? – New York Spray Paint Art For Sale
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