What do graffiti artists use? – Spray Paint Art Tutorials Youtube

Graffiti artists use a variety of tools and techniques when they paint their message — from spray paint to stencils, to paint in the street. Some use traditional methods, such as spraying a spray-painted symbol on walls at night, while others use digital technologies known as spraycanning and the use of markers.

Why do graffiti artists paint?

Gauges show how graffiti artists use the language they paint, which can be a direct message, such as a call for revenge against a former lover, or an abstract message, such as calling the police. Other than calling for the police, the message of graffiti can be whatever is important to them right now.

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Why paint when I can’t spray paint?

The use of the spray can, an inexpensive and versatile portable paint gun, makes paint-piercing a much quicker solution for graffiti artists than spray paint. It can be done in less than 10 minutes, and it works well with paint thinner (commonly used for spray painting).

How safe is it when painting?

While some graffiti artists say graffiti art is unsafe, they say graffiti artists are doing this only because they are frustrated as to how the art world has failed to make the art process safer. They are not using spray paint to express their message, and they are not looking for attention or revenge.

How do I know if I’m getting too much paint?

Many people report that their paint is starting to stick to themselves when the spray comes out of the bottle. It is recommended to work on a piece of wall or piece of ground that is free of anything you want to paint, such as grass or trash, since it is easier to remove paint, brush it off and start over than it is to clean up afterward.

Do I get caught painting on a wall if I spray paint?

Because most spray-painting has been illegal since the 1970’s in most cities, many artists say they avoid using spray paint in public. They are just going to paint by hand, they say, and there are far more effective methods to communicate their message than spraying it in the street, on walls or in parks.

What happens if I’m caught using spray paint on a wall?

If any legal graffiti artist is arrested for spray painting in public, the city or property owner is responsible to clean a wall where spray-paintings were done to make sure they are not a problem again. The city is also required

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What do graffiti artists use? – Spray Paint Art Tutorials Youtube
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