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There you are! Your new spray painted car has now been given a new lease on life, which is probably a good thing since you don’t want to be driving around without a nice fresh paint job any longer.

Here is a great resource that is very helpful when deciding to paint your car using paint stripper. In addition, they have a tutorial on how to install these “spray” kits as well.

1st of February 2018

The new and improved ‘Supernova’ web-site will not be available until April 2018. This is a temporary delay, due to some issues arising during the transition to the new site. This site will remain available until its new system is in place.

New site features

The ‘Supernova’ archive will contain information on a wide range of topics including:


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A large supernova can be observed as a burst of brilliant starlight, or as a bright glowing red spot. The starlight or glow appears as a narrow ring around the supernova, moving over time as the star evolves.

The supernova itself is the bright, point-like source, the red spot is the explosion area.

As the star’s brightness varies, the distance between source and observer, and the rate at which the star’s brightness increases, the supernova will appear brighter with time. This is the signature that is found in the early evidence of supernovae. The ‘Supernova’ archives will contain links to sites where supernovae were first seen.

If the supernova was seen recently, astronomers will have a record of the early evidence, and a timeline of that evidence. This will allow future studies of supernovae to be done, using the latest technology. Supernovae from previous events will no longer be recorded.

For more information…

Supernovae can be observed by telescopic means, or even with the naked eye. Supernova watchers can use telescopes to observe individual supernovae, from the far future out to a few years ago. Observations with telescopes can also be made from the ground and from aircraft, or remotely via an app. Telescopes like the Hubble Space Telescope can observe distant objects which would otherwise be impossible to do using satellite telescopes.

The supernovae of the past – a new family of supernovae

Supernovae are produced when a bright source in the Milky Way’s core explodes. These supernovae are very rare;

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What does spray paint not stick to? – Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained Variance Sklearn
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