What does spray paint not stick to? – Spray Paint Art Tutorial

It is not paint that will not stick to walls in general. It is that most other types of painting like spray paint are too harsh and may be abrasive to the wall. They are also too small so they do not penetrate as far.

Do spray paint stains stain the carpet?

Yes! It’s the paint that is being used. If you remove the stain with a mild chemical cleaner you will remove the paint which will give your carpet that clean, shiny appearance.

Why do many paint companies suggest using a mild chemical cleaner to remove paint stains?

We have found that many people simply assume that if it has been sitting on the floor, it’s dirt. They don’t know that chemicals can come out of the walls. Some companies have made spray-carnage a part of their paint removal formulas and we have included this in their cleaning and maintenance sheets. It is a safer choice than other products when you are not absolutely sure that the problem is not in the wall.

What about drywall?

We suggest spraying a chemical cleaner on your walls to remove any drywall stains from your carpets. If it is too harsh or the wall is not dry, it will not work.

What about paint on metal surfaces/brasses?

No. If the paint has been inside a metal cabinet and you remove the stain using chemicals, the wall or cabinet will not be able to be repaired. Metal cabinets are often made from different metals and you will need to test the stain before attempting to repair it. If you can’t get the stain out, you need to send it back for a new cabinet.
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What does spray paint not stick to? – Spray Paint Art Tutorial
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