What is spray paint art called? – Crack Spray Paint Art Techniques

Spray painting is a art technique that is used to change, transform, or make some physical object a new color or form of design.
Spray painting a space scene (pallette knife tutorial ...

The word ‘painting’ comes from the Latin which was derived from ‘praecere’ for change (which in German is ‘praktion’). The use of the verb ‘praktion’ has come along with the introduction of the word ‘painting’.

Most modern art has a history, and a specific origin, associated with it.

Art History

There are hundreds of paintings, drawings, etc., around the world today. The ‘modern’ art of today has come much closer to being a ‘language’ than it has been in the past.

History will always exist as a ‘discover it’ process for all artists, and even for many historians.

The history of painting itself is very complicated and very rich. As a whole, painting in one way or another is the history of art in the Western World.

There are five major periods in painting history:

The Middle Ages

The Renaissance

The Renaissance era

The Baroque era

The Futurist era

There are about four thousand paintings produced in these periods and there are about twelve hundred in total. A few hundred of these are still being produced today.

Paintings from these periods can now be seen all over the world. The majority of the art works in the last century are either for private or exhibition purposes. Most are for sale in museums.

The Periods

The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages were a period of Western Europe in which the church began to slowly fade away.

It started in the fourth century. The church had a monopoly over church architecture. As a result of this, the churches became small and small. One of those small churches that still exists is the Church of St. George, on the river Elbe in Neumayer, Switzerland. The church is actually only a few hundred years old. The building was designed by a young monk named Bede during the fourth century.

The first period of the Middle Ages saw the beginnings of the great Western Renaissance art. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Leonardo himself, as well as many of their contemporaries, all made great progress as artists.

Painting on paper, and the introduction of the printing press and the printing press was important to the arts and literature.

The Renaissance

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What is spray paint art called? – Crack Spray Paint Art Techniques
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