What is spray paint art called?

Spray paint is a chemical made up of a number of elements and chemicals, but two of those are the pigment itself and the water that is used to produce it. The pigment is used to create a particular type of painting, the one most closely associated with the word “art”.

The process of using a paintbrush to paint an object can vary among artists, but most paint blowers add one or more of the following elements to their liquid. It is also possible to do certain types of painting (e.g., oil and acrylics) using a mixture of ingredients.

The two most common types of substances added to paint are water and the water-base colorants, which include the following. For further information about the various types of paint, refer to our Paint Ingredients page.


Water is used to achieve the color of water. In painting that involves shading, it can be combined with or substituted for a more stable (natural) liquid. For a more detailed discussion of the process, please see this Wikipedia article.

Natural (Spray) Paint

Spray paint contains very little pigment, and is generally used to create images that are similar to the effects of natural light on things such as flowers. The use of natural colorants in spray paint allows the artist to create images from a wide variety of materials, such as water, paints, metal, or glass.

Colorful galaxy and mountains spray paint art tutorial - YouTube ...
Some of the more popular types of synthetic colorants are acrylics (polyurethane), dyes (such as acrylic dyes, polyacrylate/acrylates (acrylics), and polydiphenylene (pigments), as well as water-based pigments), paints, as well as adhesives to bind the different types of paint to the appropriate surfaces. In most cases, the colors used are shades of white and to a lesser extent black; however, other materials may include reds, greens, blue blues, violet greens, browns, and fuchsia.

Note: We have yet to be able to find spray paint art that is a direct imitation of traditional oils paintings, but it is possible that this could be possible sometime down the road.

Spray Paint Ingredients

The list below shows the ingredients that we have found to be most common in spray paint art work. This list is not a complete list; it is based on what we have seen work. To learn more details about certain ingredients/chemicals used

What is spray paint art called?
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