What is the best spray paint for art? – Youtube Spray Paint Artificial Roses White Leaves On Tomato

It seems that any style of spray paint will work for this. I do find that the black is the best though, as it gives me the most results. You can always go for a more natural tone by simply choosing a more contrasting colour on the base.
Why the green?
 As you can see from these pictures, I have the green in it. This can obviously be changed to something different if necessary, but I really like the green.
How is the base?
This is all just about the base itself. I will usually start out by taking the bottom half of the base and taking off most of the paint from the pieces, leaving only a small layer of base behind. 
Using the old acrylic paint, I place the pieces onto my table, making sure to get the whole stack under each one, as this helps keep contaminants out, as well as ensuring that the pieces of the base won’t have a sharp edge to break a few off. 
I will then lay down some of my clear gloss, taking care to coat every piece.
Once this is all laid out, I add in a bit more clear gloss into the layer I put down for the remaining pieces.
Finally, I paint everything up using my base. Once I have put down the base, I do another coat before spraying onto the piece. 
Once everything is dry, I take the pieces and place them on the base, using about half of the clear finish as a guide.
Finally, I get an idea of the size of each piece. For some, this isn’t a problem, as the base and colours are easy to work with, and all the pieces can be placed flat in front of you. For others, the work may take a little longer, but not in a bad way. 
Can we take some photos of this already done?
Nope. I didn’t get the chance to take all the photos in this post. It isn’t a very long post, and there really isn’t much here that I haven’t already seen or done. But hopefully you’ll get a sense of it all, or get bored if you don’t.
A final thought?
You know you like it when it does all right! 
Oh yeah, and don’t forget to take some photos of your completed project for your gallery page. 
If you would like further information, or to get all the information you need for how to make your own spray paint painting project, take a look

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What is the best spray paint for art? – Youtube Spray Paint Artificial Roses White Leaves On Tomato
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