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AMY GOODMAN: We’re broadcasting from Chicago. We have been talking about Donald Trump’s campaign. A day after the billionaire, who last week called for a ban on Muslims entering the United States, said his campaign may begin to shift from the primary to the general election, Trump is making waves around the world with a speech Monday to the International Republican Institute. He’s calling for a sweeping military, tax and economic war on terrorism and he’s promising to win in the fall.

DONALD TRUMP: They said this was going to be easy. But guess what? They’re wrong. They think what happened the last time a major party actually did something about it, which we had to deal with in ’73 and ’74: Ronald Reagan got a lot of the Republicans and conservatives who were for a more muscular approach at the time and they were in power, and in ’76 we had a very strong, massive effort on both sides of the border and a huge, massive surge to get the terrorists. This time it’s even bigger than the Reagan surge, it’s bigger and stronger, and they said it took two years in Europe. Now I would be perfectly pleased if they did all this and we started winning again. And that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

AMY GOODMAN: Trump has also said he’d nominate conservative conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. When did he put forward his nomination?

WENDY NEWMAN: Well, he actually laid it out last week. He outlined his vision for what a nation should look like, how we could have a system that was more fair than the United States currently has at the moment. He said he’d look at his own background. He said he’d looked at his own biography, going from Wall Street to the private sector and how he was able to go into finance, he went to law school and then he came to finance and came to the United States Senate, and he explained how he became the judge Gorsuch would be.

AMY GOODMAN: And what was this judge’s background, as we said, was in Indiana.

WENDY NEWMAN: No, but he did have some experience in the world of corporate America. He was a

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Where can I practice spray painting? – Youtube Spray Paint Artist Los Angeles
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