Who makes Krylon spray paint? – Spray Paint Art Tutorial

Krylon spray paint is used to coat clothing, clothing attachments and furniture, and is also used as a cleaning fluid, sprayer cleaner, and spray primer. The spray paint is manufactured in the USA for use on furniture, clothing, and other non-porous surfaces. Krylon is also available as another spray-on type for use on furniture, floors, walls, and window, doors, as well as outdoor furniture like tables, chairs, stools, and lawn furniture. There are two brands: Krylon and Krylon Clear.

Inventors of Krylon spray paint include:

John S. Krylov, PhD (1932-2003). A.L. Prylon Company, Inc. (1939-1978).

John A. F. Krylov, PhD, (1931-1956). K.C. Krylon Company.

John C. Schlesinger (1924-1925). S.I. Schlesinger Company.

A.S. Schlesinger (1918-1960). W.A. Schlesinger Company.

John M. Epp, Ph.D. (1907-1934). J&A Epp Company, Inc. (1937-1968).

Charles W. Epp (1906-1946). F.W. Epp & Sons Co. (1947-1971).

John E. F. Krylov, PhD, (1906-1933). A.C. Krylon Co. (1931-1942).

B.C. (Bud) Epp, (1888-1962). F.W. Epp Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (1920-1947).

Krylon in the real world

In the real world Krylon is not used to coat furniture, and therefore does not need any special treatment. However, with regard to spray paint it may be necessary to treat furniture, such as cabinets, in a manner that is consistent with the use of Krylon to coat other surfaces. For example, cabinet paint requires special coating for effective protection of the finish and there are various methods of coating such as coatings such as Krylon, varnishes, and varnishes that contain a solvent or emulsion.

It is important to note that there is nothing wrong with the coating of a cabinet with Krylon and other solvents so long as it is consistent

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Who makes Krylon spray paint? – Spray Paint Art Tutorial
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