Why is my Rustoleum paint wrinkling? – Spray Paint Art In Water

This is a result of a small amount of moisture in the paint being absorbed through the paint’s pores and then going onto the surface of your paint. It can happen on any type of paint but most likely on a gloss or semi-gloss type of paint.

How do I repair or clean my Rustoleum paint?

First thing you should do is get the paint off your car as it may be stained or damaged. You can either use some of the paint thinner to clean the paint off, or you can take a paint thinner and spray it on like this.

Once the paint has been cleaned off the paint should no longer be greasy but still smooth and glossy. The first step is to take the paint thinner and mix up a good amount of it into a paste so you can get it into the areas needed.

Once you have gotten all that powder in, apply some water to it. I use a paint thinner with an amount of 0.5% and just make sure it is about the same as your liquid cleaner since it will absorb the water. Spray the paste on the area you want cleaned and leave it to dry for a few minutes or until your paint has gone dry.

Once the paint has dried, take the paint and start working on it. You can apply the paint thinner just to the paint so you don’t remove any of the paint or get any in your paint thinner which is not good. Instead I like to apply some paint thinner to a soft, clean rag, which makes me think of the best way to apply the thinner.
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Once you have got the paint into the right position, you don’t want to rub it in too hard. That’s just going to damage the paint and leave it greasy too. What you want is to be careful not to use too much, if you do this you will get uneven results which will not get you what you need. It’s best to be very careful and to use it just to the paint to start with. Use a gentle, even pressure on the paint if you have not used this technique before.

Once you have got the paint applied properly to the paint, you will need to sand it down a little more then what the polish will do. I use 120 grit sand paper and sand it down to the perfect thickness so it is just the right weight and texture.

Once it has been sanded down, you will have to sand it with a dremel again since the paint

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Why is my Rustoleum paint wrinkling? – Spray Paint Art In Water
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