What is the difference between Photoshop and Lightroom? – Learn Photo Editing Techniques Photoshop Express Online

For most photographers, the only real advantage to using Photoshop lies in its ability to edit photos in a much higher resolution, resulting in more effective color management. Lightroom comes with the ability to create RAW images, but because they are much larger files (at approximately 70 megapixels in size), it’s not the ultimate tool. […]

What is the difference between a proofreader and a copy editor? – Learn Photo Editing Login Instagram Messenger Desktop

A proofreader is a person who has a background in computer systems, especially those that have to be edited and corrected by hand or in computers. A copyeditor or writer is someone who is fluent in some languages of writing or reading, and has a background in computer engineering, especially those involving software. The key […]

Is Photoshop vector based or raster based? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Photoshop Cc

There are a few ways to implement vector based image processing: Image vector graphics Photoshop vector graphics Photoshop raster graphic The advantage of vectors is that you can have many layers containing images, then you can just apply a filter to each layer to change the pixels of the photo into different kinds of things […]

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