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I can feel a slight wrinkling happening in the paint around the edges, as if I’ve been doing something wrong. It’s not a huge problem so I’ll just clean it up and put a new coat of paint on (I think that makes a big difference, though). As I’m not really using Rustoleum again, I’m going to use a “fuzzy wipe” method to remove this kind of smudging from my paint and will try again in a week. If it doesn’t happen after a week or two, then it’s likely that this is something that has been happening on our machines since we installed the new paint. I don’t really care, I just want my paint to shine!

If you’ve found yourselves feeling a bit queasy this evening, the cure is very simple: a beer or two. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a pint, but we’re back in the mood and are looking forward to sharing some great pub experiences with our old pals.

We’ve already been to Edinburgh and Cardiff, but one of our faves, the Green Man, is making our trip on an even bigger scale.

The Green Man Brewery, a local micro-brewery that’s a couple of miles from our hotel, is taking over the premises. It’s the second time we’ve ever been in a brewery — we’re pretty obsessed with the last couple. If you haven’t heard of our favorite brewer, they’re the same as they’ve always been so you’ll understand why we went for them over their counterparts across the border in the US (it turns out they make some of the best American IPA’s in the world too!). I can see why we’ll miss them — they’re the perfect beer-makers to kick off the city’s first micro brewery season!

The brewery is located opposite the hotel and on the outskirts of the town. If you’re headed straight for The Bar, the place to head. We’re going to the Green Man for a pint or two after a visit to our favorite beer-makers so join us for another trip back in time. Bring a blanket to lounge on, and if you don’t feel like sleeping, try to make it to the brewery before your bedtime to get some real good night’s sleep!

Note: The Green Man will be closed at 7:00pm.

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Why is my Rustoleum paint wrinkling? – Cool Spray Paint Art Designs
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