Is it worth selling photos on Shutterstock? – How To Upload Video On Youtube And Earn Money In Tamil

If so, how much? What’s the best way to make money?

A lot of people have heard the idea of trading images or photographs for the monetary benefit of getting paid. But the reality, of course, is that not every buyer is likely to realize just how much a single photograph can sell for, but that’s just the nature of how the business works out. So let’s break it down and see if it’s worth selling at all.

Why Would You Want to Sell Photos on Shutterstock?

I’d wager that pretty much no one reads the fine print. People often think that it’s simple—it’s a small fee paid to use the Shutterstock logo, and once people know that the cost is just a small fee, they’ll be more inclined to buy the image.

But in fact, the truth is that not buying something doesn’t make it any less valuable—that means that the price isn’t necessarily what the buyer is looking to purchase.

Let’s look at a few real-life examples.
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Take the photo of my dog “Biff” on my fridge right now. This is, I believe, the oldest photo ever to be sold on Shutterstock:

A few years ago, you could buy a similar photo for around $2,000 (which is actually slightly more than what the photo was worth just three years ago!).

However, as a lot of you may know, my dog has since gone missing (the original image has since been found).

However, if you take a closer look at the photo, you’ll see that it’s clear to see that this photo was created by someone who had to purchase the photo, as well as the original photos of my two daughters’ birthdays. It’s the picture they used for the birthdays of their daughter and their son.

This is a common problem. Even with an excellent background provided, it sometimes takes the photographer time and effort to create the photo, and once the photo has been printed and delivered to the customer (even though a lot of time has been spent creating this photo, and much of that time may have already been spent by someone else) then you’re looking at an initial and significant payment for all the hard work.

So what does our dog have worth compared to the $2,000 price quote?

If I would sell the photo today for $2,000 or less, it would probably net me thousands upon thousands (maybe more) dollars

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Is it worth selling photos on Shutterstock? – How To Upload Video On Youtube And Earn Money In Tamil
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