What is creative retouching? – Taking Stock Photos

When we create a page with our camera on, we want to see only the parts of the page that are relevant for the moment at hand. This is often done using special effects tools. The retouching process takes a lot of time, therefore, we have to save the image as fast as possible. Unfortunately this also means that if we don’t make a particular change for whatever reason by the time we finish the image, then we have to wait for the retouching process to finish because we are not saving enough of important points in time. It is a shame that the entire process of creating and saving images takes longer in the end.

How long is a digital image?

There are many ways to measure a digital image because the image is composed of two separate images. The first one is an image of the object we want to take a photo of. After that, our cameras captures a series of stills of the object, making a video file that is very similar to the image we have already. Therefore, we can create two different versions of the image, one of the object (the video) and one of the stills (the image). The size of the file is measured in megapixels. The difference in size is often what causes the difference in digital image quality. You can read more about megapixels in our article on image size.

Can I change my existing shot to take a new shot?

Yes. If you want to take a new shot and use a new lens, you would have to change the file name of the image that you have with that lens on the computer. You will also have to replace the image you have.

What is my camera resolution?

With our cameras, it is possible to change them from 4K RAW files to 4K JPEGs. This means that if you want to convert an existing 4K RAW image into a 4K JPEG, it would be necessary to change the image name of the image on your computer. If you would like to change the resolution of your photographs, you can buy a new sensor or take an image from a camera that is not supported by Nikon’s RAW standard, such as Canon’s EOS series.

Can my images be cropped?

Crop an image to fit the screen size or your screen. You can find instructions of how to set up your camera and your setup on our article on how to crop an image.

How can I know if my images have

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What is creative retouching? – Taking Stock Photos
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